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Fair Trade Promotion – make a difference!

Why should you choose fairly traded promotional products? It’s as simple as this: By using our products which carry several ethical labels such as the Fairtrade mark, you can promote your business with an easy conscience.

Fairtrade and Marketing: many good reasons for a cooperation

There are many good reasons for the use of our ethical promotional gifts:

  • positive image transfer from product to advertisor
  • increasing demand for sustainable solutions
  • significant added value of high-quality products
  • eye-catching effect: differentiate yourself from other advertisors

Who we are, what we stand for

Fair Trade Promotions is an alternative trading organization with the aim of changing something in the global imbalance. We receive our valuable natural ingredients from fair trade routes all over the world. The results are high-class products categorized from natural cosmetics, hygiene and condoms to sweet and sustainable giveaways.

Choose sustainable adFAIRtisement!

What do you as an advertisor have to do with fair trade promotions? A lot! You make a large profit of our high-quality products that directly link exclusiveness and a high recognition factor with an ethical conscience. You will not only target the group of ethical orientated people with fairly traded goods. Furthermore, you communicate actual sustainable company values.

Name your request – we are looking forward to a cooperation!