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Welcome to Fair Trade Promotions!

Fair Trade Promotions is an alternative trading organization. We offer new and exciting products with fair trade ingredients. We promote the fair treatment of producers in the poorest countries of the world and provide our customers with quality products, alternatives to conventionally produced products. Our product range includes condoms and cosmetic products. Many products in our range can be customized according to your requirements, you can use it for example as a promotional item.

Advertise with a healthy conscience

The use of exclusive, ethical products as promotional items is highly appreciated by the consumer.
In addition, our advertising agents have tremendous communication skills: They stimulate many senses, can make your messages „understandable“ and clear.

Oliver Gothe, General Manager FAIR SQUARED GmbH Oliver Gothe, General Manager FAIR SQUARED GmbH

”Actually, all consumer products worldwide should be Fair trade. unfortunately, this is not the case, we are at least pleased to be offering, new, fair trade, pioneering alternatives with our Fair Squared range.”

Ellen Norman, Social Media Manager FAIR SQUARED GmbH Ellen Norman, Social Media Manager FAIR SQUARED GmbH

“The Fairtrade Mark is recognized by 80% of consumers and the sale of Fairtrade products has grown steadily within the recent years. We therefore expect also in cosmetic products a great potential, because the interest for this new Fairtrade product group is large. so we can allow even more producer groups to participate in the Fair trade.”